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The true essence of life is in the journey, and not the destination. And our journey has been so rich and rewarding that it has helped us discover many uncharted and untouched destinations for you to embark with us on an enchanting journey. Yes, be it India, Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet, we have handpicked the most daring and adventurous terrains in these regions to organize our jeep safaris, trekking expeditions, cycling tours and camping sites. Besides the usual, we have in the last 2 decades taken the road less traveled along with our guests and created moments that will remain etched in their memory forever. For us, destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Do you want to embark on a journey with us? Discover real happiness, tranquility and serenity!

When you least expect it, the great adventure finds you. And India is full of such surprises which test your endurance, drive you to challenge your limits and take you where you have never been before. There is an endless scope for adventure tourism in India because of its diverse landscape, topography and climate. Varied options available for adventure activities and sports include activities like hikes and trekking, trekking peaks, cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle tours, high altitude jeep safaris, walking tours, white water river rafting, wildlife safari, desert safari etc. Only in India can a person indulge in a camel safari in the deserts of Rajasthan, heli-ski in the Himalayas, raft down the mighty Ganges and trek in the Gharwal Himalayas, all in the same month.

Some of our popular adventure destinations in India include:

Himachal - Spiti Valley
With almost no rain but abundant snow-fall, Spiti is a land of fascinating contrasts - shocks of green alternating in a barren expanse of russet. The dry harsh climate, high altitude and lack of communications all cumulatively, make life hard in the extreme and just the perfect setting for an adventure of a lifetime. The main Spiti valley is split into eastern and western valleys. It is connected with Ladakh and Tibet on eastern side and Kinnaur and Kulu on western side through high passes. Come explore this wonderful land with AWX either by our celebrated Jeep safari, cycling or trekking tours. Surely you will go back with experiences that will be hard to match!

Ladakh - Zanskar
The landscape of Ladakh is glorious but stark and the surrounding mountains are painted in colours that only nature could choose. Only adventure lovers are recommended to visit Ladakh. The clean, dry air, magnificent scenery and the warm hospitality of the happy people make Ladakh truly memorable. The prospect of undertaking a journey in Ladakh is at the same time daunting, exciting and challenging. For the explorer in you it is the stuff to make the adrenalin flow! It is something you will remember for the rest of your life. The region is predominantly Buddhist and several important Buddhist monasteries dominate the region. Some of them are located within visiting distance from Leh and normally day excursions are ideal to visit most of them. AWX offers classic treks into the Kingdom of Zanskar, crossing the Shingo La Pass, droping down into the Lunak valley and ending eventually in Zanskar's main township of Padum. You can even go on a jeep safari along the same route.

Uttaranchal, blessed with magnificent glaciers, majestic snow-clad mountains, gigantic and ecstatic peaks, valley of flowers, skiing slopes and dense forests is a paradise for adventure lovers. The hills of Uttaranchal India have all the ingredients for adventures packed with excitement and thrills - an unexplored valley, towering peaks, flowing rivers, snow-capped mountains, a splendid combination of flora & fauna and vast tracts of virgin snow. The region also provides immense opportunities for adventure sports like skiing, water sports and Aero sports which make Garhwal an ideal venue for adventure seekers amongst the glaciers. AWX offers treks through the breathtakingly beautiful Gharwal Himalaya to the base of Mount Shivalik and the source of the sacred River Ganges along one of the few remaining 'Sadhu trails'. You can trek or drive along the holy Ghats, ashrams and temples in Rishikesh and Haridwar, reach to a height of 4,463m/14,642ft, and watch the sunrise on the beautiful Gharwal Himalayan peaks.

North East
India's North East is a land of undulating hills and plains with luxuriant green cover and a wide variety or rare and exotic flora and fauna. The Bramhaputra valley with its near tropical climate is a fertile plain on the basin of one of the largest rivers of the world. The hilly terrain of the region ranges from Nagaland in the east to the Meghalaya in the west; Mizoram in the south while Arunachal Pradesh lies in the north and extends to the snow-clad ridges of the great Himalayas. An AWX adventure takes you into India's remote north-eastern States of Assam, northern Nagaland and south-eastern Arunachal Pradesh. It offers an enlightening insight into the unique and diverse culture and heritage of the region's indigenous tribes. The walking takes you deep into the central Himalaya, combining two treks, in this beautiful and relatively unexplored area.

India - Darjeeling & Sikkim
The Singalila Ridge has a deserved reputation as a 'classic' short Himalayan trek. The trek was often taken by officers of the British Raj, escaping the summer heat of the plains by retiring to Darjeeling. Following in parts the border between India and Nepal, the trail has stupendous views of the world's third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga, 8,586m/28,168ft, and the broader Himalayan chain - including the Everest range. Along the way you'll gain a fascinating insight into the culture and everyday life of the locals. You'll often find yourself sharing the trail with goat herders, children on the way to school and even builders carrying timber roof struts on their backs. The itinerary takes you to some of the most interesting and scenic parts of West Bengal and takes you on foot to the point on the map where Nepal, Sikkim and West Bengal meet.

India - Cycling In Rajasthan
Medieval fortresses rising out of golden deserts are the legacy of Rajasthan. It's an exotic place of vibrant colours - the ruby reds and bold yellows of the tribal clothing, the soft pinks of princely palaces, the earthy browns of the Indian desert. You'll be transported back in time in this milieu of colours called Rajasthan. Leaving the chaotic streets of the capital, this tour by AWX takes you through the Pink City of Jaipur and on to the beautiful lakeside city of Udaipur. Along the way you stop by to look for the elusive Bengal tiger in Sariska and Ranthambore National Parks. Come cycle through remote villages to gain a glimpse of daily life in this traditional region, stopping along the way to see Rajasthan's incredible Mogul architecture and dramatic forts.

For visitors to Nepal, trekking is still the biggest draw but the bustling city life and rich cultural traditions provide plenty to keep you occupied away from the mountains. What many visitors think will be their one trip of a lifetime all too often turns into a long-term love affair with this wonderful country and its people. The epic scale of the Everest and Annapurna mountain ranges naturally make these the two most popular regions for trekking in Nepal - some of these routes, such as the Everest Base Camp Trek and the Annapurna Circuit, are regarded as being among the best walks in the world. Venture further afield into 'Wild Nepal' and you will find pristine mountain scenery, remote villages and a culture still relatively untouched by tourism.

That one in four visitors to Nepal go trekking should say something about the popularity of this activity in the Himalayan country. Most treks go through altitudes between 1,000 and 4,000 meters, while some popular parts reach over 5,000 meters. It's not only the stunning landscapes on the trail that captivate the trekkers but also the people from different ethnic groups with whom they meet on the way - a rare opportunity to experience Nepal's rich cultural diversity. And what better way than walking to see and experience it.

The most popular trekking routes have traditionally been the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. But now the Kanchenjungha in the extreme east and Dolpo in northwest Nepal are gaining ground as new popular destinations. More recently, the government has developed a number of heritage trails in different parts of the country where you can combine a trek with a peek into the cultures of the local communities.


The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country located in the eastern Himalayas between Tibet in the north and India in the south. Bhutan has a rugged and mountainous landscape with snow-capped peaks and glacier covered terrain in the north, spurs of the Himalayan peaks in the centre and heavily forested foothills and subtropical plains in the south.

AWX extensive range of touring and trekking holidays in Bhutan have been developed to offer unlimited opportunities to enjoy the warmth of the Bhutanese people, the unique cultural heritage of Bhutan as well as the stunning mountain vistas and untouched wilderness regions of Bhutan. With its spectacular location nestled in the Himalaya between Tibet and India, our Bhutan trekking trips, walking holidays and cultural tours will take you into one of the most intriguing countries of the modern world. Moreover a Bhutan trek will surely award you the opportunity to experience first-hand the legendary hospitality and open hearted happiness of the local people.


Lying in the shadow of the Greater Himalaya, Tibet is a barren, high-altitude plateau of brown rolling hills, pierced occasionally by enormous peaks, and covering an area the size of Western Europe. Sealed off from the outside world for many years, holidays to Tibet offer a fascinating chance to explore this beautiful and reclusive country.

The exiled Dalai Lama encourages Westerners to go on holiday to Tibet and to experience its unique culture - we also believe a journey to 'the Roof of the World' to be a worthy and fascinating goal. Mountain Kingdoms have been Tibet trekking specialists for more than twenty years. We improve and refine our Tibet trekking holidays every year, researching new routes and adapting to changing conditions, so you can be certain that we have the very best trekking itineraries in this stretch of the Himalayas.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.

So come, embark on an adventure holiday with AWX and get set to experience many such moments that promise to leave you spellbound and continue to enthral you for time to come.

Bon Voyage!


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